Monday, April 20, 2015

Mom of Two: Six Months In

I'm on an emotional roller coaster 24/7. Some moments I feel like I've got this thing down, and other moments I feel like I'm trudging through mud, and please, someone come save me from this thing called "motherhood."

However, because of my dear husband watching the kids, I got two naps in two days, so I'm feeling pretty alright this very moment.

This month Amy dropped a feeding (from six to five nursings per day), started solids, cut her two bottom teeth, and moved into Daisy's room at night. We went through a lot of change.

She's almost crawling and almost sitting up on her own. I feel like she crossed a threshold in terms of personality. She came alive this month even more than before. She interacts with all of us more. She makes different noises for different emotions, her own little baby grunting language. She LOVES her big sister and is happy when Daisy is in her presence.

I had a couple monumental mom moments. I dared to pick up the dog from the groomer with both kids and no husband. That was very stressful, and at the end of it all, I wanted to either kick my dog or my toddler. Don't worry, I didn't do either one. I haven't snapped yet. Having children has unlocked in me a new level of self-control. It's amazing how much stress can overcome a mom in the few moments it takes to walk everyone from the car to the apartment.

This month I also went to the chiropractor with both kids. It wasn't actually that difficult. I just had to slow my expectations down. Amy was delightful the entire time in the waiting room, then cried through my adjustment, but that didn't actually stress me out that much. Afterwards I even spontaneously took us out to lunch at the Corner Bakery and was very proud of myself. Daisy (2.5 years) and I talked about Octonauts (PBS show) over a large chocolate ship cookie.

The biggest struggle for me right now is not being a mom of two, but being an adequate wife. I have so much less mind space and time for Zane. It's an exhausting season of life, even in it all of its happiness. Everything I've read about marriage during the little years is it's hard, so I guess we're normal.

When I find myself at empty in the wife department - that's about the time we go on a date and get a break from the kids long enough to remember that we chose this life, and it's good. Last night was pedis and dinner. It was so relaxing and fun. I especially enjoyed the strawberry shortcake without a toddler asking me to share with her.

It's been a whole six months now. We're getting into a better groove. Every month is easier than the last.

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