Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seven Years of Dating

This weekend marked seven years since Zane took me on our first date. We don't usually notice our date-versery, and we only "celebrated" it because it was the same night as my work Christmas party at the Polynesian, which we were getting a hotel for anyways. At seven years of dating and five married, we've just begun our adventure in life together, but I look forward to the years ahead.

Dancing during the anniversary dance at the luau.
Photo by John Abassian

Today I was meditating and praying and thanking God for Zane, and I just wrote out some reasons why I'm so thankful for him:

He is forgiving and understanding and servant-hearted.
He is sensitive and tender and gracious, yet he is also strong and assertive and protective.
He is capable and confident.
He is self-aware and always striving to improve.
He is light-hearted and ridiculously silly, yet deep and serious and insightful.

He is superior to me in practically every way, setting a good example of overlooking sin, patience, and forgiveness.

I am so proud to be his wife. I'm always glad to show him off and never feel like I have to make excuses for him.

His good character speaks for itself.
His friendliness is evident.
He's genuine and sincere.
He's honest and of high integrity.

I imagine that it would be wonderful to be his daughter, but it's a higher honor and privilege and a dream come true to be his true love, the object of his commitment and desire.

I am the one he loves, his wife.
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