Friday, May 6, 2011

Tribute to my Chacos

My chacos are so very fun.
I've worn them for a year.
My doggie tried to chew this one.
I kicked him in the rear.

(Not really. I didn't kick him. But really, he tried to eat my shoes. Again.)

I wore them in the southern rim
They made me feel so cool.
I took some risks, stood near the edge.
Please don't consider me a fool.

I wore them in the northern rim.
They got all red with dirt.
I wore them when I hiked within.
Not once did my feet hurt.

I wore them in the narrows trail
The dirt was washed away.
They helped me walk upon the rocks
And enjoy that glorious day!

I love my chacos through and through.
I wear them rain or sun.
They're good for walking, hiking, stalking
And shooting a something-gauge shotgun.
Don't I look like I know what I'm doing?

Who gave that girl a gun?! And check out her sweet chacos!

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