Monday, May 9, 2011

Dreams of Travel

I had a bad dream last night, so today, to clear my mind, I looked up travel destinations. Zane and I took a massive vacation last year, and I'm pretty nostalgic about it today.

Zane's going to Vegas this summer for his brother's bachelor party. I'm so jealous. I've never been there but really want to go. My consolation prize is a trip to NYC with my mom and sister. Pretty nice. We're still planning it, but tentatively we're going for three or four days in July.

Onto hopes and dreams of travel. I want to go everywhere. That's implied. But as far as planning out places to prioritize in my few years on earth, here are my desired international destinations:
Europe - any combination of countries in any number of trips
South Africa
New Zealand
South Pacific Islands

I'm interested in South America too. I hear there are trips from Argentina to Antarctica. *eyebrow wiggle* Feeling adventurous?

As for the United States, I've already hit most states, thanks to my travelling parents who took me on several sweet summer vacations as a child. But there are a few things I haven't seen or want to return to soon:
Los Angeles
Napa Valley
Mount Rushmore
Parthenon Replica
Where do you guys plan to travel? I'm looking for ideas for FL/GA weekend trips for the nearer future, when we don't have the funds or time to do long, extravagant vacations. Don't give me St. Augustine or Savannah. We need fresh ideas!

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