Thursday, May 19, 2011

He Caved

Zane traveled three weeks in a row (minus weekends) last month. It was gruelling. Last Sunday was our first afternoon to just hang out, and guess what we did?

We bought the New Super Mario Brothers game!

Zane had a popular electronics store gift card (Best...something?), so we basically got it half-off. It was nice of him to buy that game for me. I mean, us. That's a good thing about marriage - you share gift cards! I let him have my popular music store gift card (aTunes. No, eTunes. Whatever, I can't remember), so we're even. Not that you compete in marriage or measure who gives more to whom. Zane would always win.

Anyways, the New Super Mario Bros.! I know, you're probably thinking, "What about finishing Wind Waker?" Good question. We haven't finished it, but we will. Someday. Maybe. Probably.

Who cares?! It's all New Super Mario Bros. now!

We've had so much fun. It's actually really hard to play two players in the same game. We get in each other's way a lot.

I've died several times, so many times that I have six continues, and we're only on world three. But I just laugh. It's part of growing up as a non-gamer. I don't expect to get through Mario without dying. I'm happy if I get to the end, and if I'm wearing a penguin suit, then I'm thrilled.

Of course, who wouldn't be thrilled to be wearing a penguin suit?

It's nice to have Zane back home, so we can spend some quality time killing gumbas. It's also just nice to have him back home.
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