Monday, May 30, 2011

The Host

Stephenie Meyer is obviously famous for her Twilight series, but shortly after Breaking Dawn was published, she took a different route with a sci-fi novel called The Host.

It's the story of alien body-snatchers who take over planet Earth. One alien, named Wanderer inhabits a young woman's body. The only problem is that the woman, Melanie, won't give her body up without a fight. They mentally compete for the body, Melanie's constantly interrupting and changing the character of Wanderer.

It's fantastically done, too.

One of my favorite aspects of Stephenie Meyer's writing is her ability to make fiction become reality. I'd never been so convinced of the normalcy of vampires and werewolves as I had been when reading Twilight. Likewise, aliens travelling through the universe seems as normal as Sunday afternoon football when Stephenie Meyer writes it.

Plus, that whole post-apocalyptic theme is popular these days.

I like Steph Meyer. She's creative, sweet, and emotional. I think I connect with her as a writer on that level. I'm super in-touch with my emotions, so connecting with her emotional characters is just natural.

Meyer doesn't have anything on her website about upcoming projects, but I heard a rumor about a mermaid series. In September 2009, she posted about The Host movie in pre-production. Obviously that hasn't happened.

If it were me, I'd wait to introduce new projects when the Twilight hullabaloo dies down. Until then, check out The Host. It's fun, fantastical and different. No vampires. (But I'm still team Edward.)
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