I'm Deborah, and I'm a dreamer. I'm also a wife, daughter, sister, and mom of two. I like to act, read, write, craft and sew. I love God. I always want to travel. My weaknesses include cooking and athletics.

Welcome to my blog!

A brief history of Where's My Dream Life? 

When I was a year into marriage and post-college real life in Orlando, Florida, the normal-ness of life set in, and I was in desperate need of a creative outlet. So I started a blog!

A little while later, my husband and I found ourselves in a season of infertility. Writing about it was very cathartic and allowed me to connect with others who were currently experiencing or had experienced seasons of infertility. It is invaluable to know that you're not alone in suffering. 

In July 2010, we took a massive road trip through the southwest United States. I shared about each major landmark along the way. 

During that season, I pursued an acting career. I appeared in two films that made it to larger audiences and several student and independent films that didn't. All of them were great experiences, and I loved each production. 

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I got pregnant with Daisy, which paused my acting career, but fulfilled the deepest desire of my heart to be a mother. You can ready Daisy's birth story here

All along, crafting and sewing was a hobby that I did on my own time for my friends, family and self. I shared many projects with you guys and some DIY tutorials too. In 2013 I opened my own Etsy shop, Dreamy Weamy

That year we also took our toddler to China!

In 2014 we moved to the Tampa Bay area while my husband went back to school to become a nurse. I quit my day job and had another baby, Amy. 

I like to explore local places and fun things to do, play Zelda and Mario when I can, read novels, binge watch Netflix, make costumes, and write about whatever else I feel like writing about. I hope you find something that interests you here. Join me in finding adventure in the everyday. 

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Contact me through email at deb.kenn22[at]gmail[dot]com.

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