Friday, August 26, 2011

Repurposed Puzzle Box!

Remember my repurposed wall art from last Friday? I've been looking at that "K" in my living room all week, thinking it just didn't look right. It needed something. I switched my other wall art back to the living room, and decided to make companions. K and friends were just meant to be in the entry way.

Another no-sew project!

I pulled this puzzle box out of the closet. The puzzle is displayed in the guest bedroom. The box is so nice that I didn't want to throw it away, so I've been hanging onto it waiting for a moment like today.

Cinderella's Grand Arrival

I basically wrapped them like presents, only I used fabric instead of wrapping paper.
This is cut from the same fabric from which I made the K piece. 

It was one of those already cut pieces that are in a bin all wrapped and priced. Four bucks for less than a yard. I've found better deals, but it's pretty good for cute fabric that's been used for three wall hangings.

I glued down the first edge. 

Then I realized I hadn't ironed it. Oops!

I kept it as tight as possible around every edge. 

I found that it was good to press this before gluing it. 

The first box I just glued the tip of the triangle, but on the second I glued the triangle edges too. I recommend the second method. 

I didn't have anymore blue lace. I wanted the K to stand out, so I went with brown ribbon for our initials. 

Kind of dark, but here it is on our wall. 

I laid some flowers up there, but I'm not crazy about the look. Whatever I put there has to be unbreakable because there's a tile floor beneath. I'll stare at it for a few days and see if anything comes to mind. 

Do you guys have suggestions? 
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