Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toxic Welsh

Once upon a time during my trip to England in 2005, my friends and I took a short trip to Wales. After enjoying the sights of the Cardiff Castle, we decided to go out and experience Welsh night life. We settled into a nice Welsh pub called The City Arms that had live music that night.

We sat in a booth in the left window next to the door. The bands played in the space in front of the right window. I had my diary with me and wrote little tidbits in it as the night went on.

First, a description of Welsh hipsters:
We're sitting next to the stage, so the audience can see us too. We have gotten quite a few looks, but no one has talked to us. Everyone here is about our age. They are all dressed in dark colors. Everyone here has a carefully planned-out outfit on. The perfect belt, shoes, necklace, shirt, hair.   
I wonder if people can tell we are American. Do we look it? I know we sound like it, but I wonder what they think of us. I've made eye contact with several people in the room, but they aren't happy people. They're serious.  

No pics of us at the pub, but here's me singing on the train to Wales.

We sat through a few bad bands, where I wrote how terrible they sounded and that no one liked them. But it was good that we waited it out, because a couple guys who knew what they were doing came on.
He's singing Britney Spears with an acoustic guitar. It's two guys playing their acoustic guitars synchronized. They play well and sing well. It's very entertaining. They're playing "Toxic." I can't really understand their speech, but they play very well.  
They are singing something about American style. They're harmony is really good.  
"Frankly my dear, I give a damn. I'll blow out my brain to show you I love ya. Get me my shotgun." We're all singing along. Crazy kids.  
They're done - oh, no, they're not.  
Kazoos are being passed around, so everyone has one. They are all singing Jennifer Lopez with Kazoos - everyone. Everyone is playing their kazoos to the main theme of the song, while the guy sings. 
Oh Wales...this is amazing. Brit, Alyssa and I are in shock.  
They're singing Happy Birthday to someone with kazoos. It's crazy. Now, they're singing the Beach Boys' "Don't Worry Baby." Surreal. They're failing at falsetto. Back to back yodeling songs, with no talking in between. Queen. Some yodeling song. Welsh people can't yodel. The next is by Styx.  
They're singing Toxic again. This time with kazoos. It's hilarious. These two Welsh boys singing Britney Spears on acoustic guitars with kazoos in a pub. If she only knew.
I searched the internet for these guys, but that was six years ago. Who knows if they're still together? I don't have much to go from either!

This was one of my favorite experiences on that trip. I so wanted the Welsh kids to include us in their kazoo fun. If I had been more confident, I would have jumped in instead of writing my observations from the sidelines. If I ever return to Cardiff, I'm going to The City Arms, and maybe they'll have live music with crazy Welsh kids playing American covers. I'll bring my own kazoo.

P.S. I'm sure there are Welsh people who can yodel. I was so judgmental at nineteen. 
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