Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fancy-Up Your Tanks

Tuesday night I was packing to go up to Atlanta, and I couldn't decide what to wear on Wednesday. I pulled out this tank top that I've had for over a year, but it's kind of plain.

Here I am wearing it at The Big Texan.

I decided to spice it up with some of the lace my grandma gave me. I recently saw a similar sewing project on one of the other blogs I follow.
I measured it and pinned it down. 

Then I sewed it, which was kind of a beast because I sewed from the neck to the base. That means I had to sew it through the neck hole, which caused it to scrunch and freak me out that it would be crooked. Next time I'm sewing from the bottom up. 

I ironed it flat afterwards. There's my teal toenails in the background. 

I wore it on Wednesday! It took about 45 minutes to do the whole project. 

Plain to pretty!

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