Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun with Nails

One of the reasons I quit piano lessons at age 16, was that I wanted to grow out my fingernails. You may judge 16 year-old Deborah as much as you like. I certainly do.

In high school I used to paint my nails bright, obnoxious colors. I also painted mini murals on my big toes, like flowers, palm trees or beach scenes. I'm an artist, so what can I say? The world is my canvas. Not really. But kind of.

Enough high school nonsense. Skip to present day.

Monday I got the urge to paint my nails. My coworker was recently sporting lavender, so I thought, "I'm going to go buy lavender nail polish too." But when I got to the drugstore, I saw this:

So I got them both:
I used to wear NYC nail polish in high school when I went all crazy on my nails. 

I really like this nail polish. It's cheap, but goes on pretty smooth. It takes two coats to get here:
Sorry for the blur. It's a bit difficult to take a macro picture of your own hand. 

After I painted them, I started realizing that my teal nails match a lot of stuff I own! Like this shirt:

Or my planner:
Wow. Let me tell ya, it's an amazing feeling to have your fingernails match your life. 

Can't wait to try the lavender!
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