Friday, July 8, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day

My first Cow Appreciation Day was when I worked at Chick Fil A in college. I worked there for two consecutive Cow Days, during which I was always amazed at how many people actually participate! Free food gathers the masses.

My first customer participation was two years ago with Zane. Last year we were at the Grand Canyon during the free-food fiesta. There are no Chick Fil A's at the Grand Canyon, FYI.

Zane and I pulled out our costumes from two years ago and quickly made new masks from paper plates.
I forgot to get a picture of the masks, but they look like the ones we used two years ago. 

Braving the rain for free food!

So worth it!

I love our local Chick Fil A! We know many of the employees from church or college, so whenever we go, we've always got a friend behind the counter. It's the closest to that small-town customer relationship that I will probably ever get.

We walked in this afternoon, and our friend Olivia yells, "Zane and Deborah!" from behind the counter. Thanks, Olivia, for making us feel like celebrities! 
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