Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY Wipes Update

This is an update to my previous post on making your own baby wipes. The main difference from my previous tutorial is that you do NOT have to use an electric saw to cut a paper towel roll in half. 

All you need is an N*Sync shirt and a sharp knife, and the shirt is optional. 

My dad is a knife connoisseur (does that word work in a non-food context?), and said that as long as it's not serrated, a smooth sharp knife will easily cut paper. Listen to the experts in your life, people! I cut four rolls of paper towels in a couple minutes with my watermelon knife. 

The second part of this update is that you don't need to use as many ingredients for the solution. I halfed the recipe by the recommendation of my other DIY wipe-making friends, and it's just fine.  It's basically: 

1 TBSP of baby oil (and an extra little squirt for good measure)
1 TBSP of baby lotion 
1 TBSP of baby wash 
2 cups of hot water

Mix it up, stick the half paper towel roll in, after five minutes flip the roll, after five more minutes take out the soggy cardboard center, start the wipes from the center wipe, and Boom Shakalaka! You're done! For $.12 a wipe!

For the more detailed tutorial, please see my other post. 

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