Monday, October 29, 2012

Simple Baby Mermaid Costume

I almost didn't make a costume for Daisy this year, because I've been traveling and tired and just not feeling very creative. However, on Saturday I searched baby costumes, and gained inspiration, so I whipped up this costume in about an hour. 

A mermaid is a great costume option for non-walking, non-crawling babies. Daisy still basically immobile. 

First, I went through my give-away stash (these are shirts that I haven't taken to a thrift store, because I thought I might re-create them someday). I didn't have any green or hot-pink, so I used this peachy shirt: 

I cut off the sleeves for the fins. Then I cut a pointy tail part out of the main shirt. I took this photo before doing a fitting with Daisy. I ended up doubling the length of the tail, so plan on cutting out the other half of the shirt and adding it to the tail. That leaves a seam right in the middle of the tail, but it was easily hidden by scrunching the tail around her legs. 

Keep the hem of the shirt at the top (waist of the baby), because I used it as a drawstring by threading a shoelace through the hem. 

I arranged and sewed the tail like so (plus an extra panel at the top to double the length. Daisy has long legs). 

I cut out the sea-shells from a pink reusable shopping bag, which doesn't fray. Felt would be another great fabric for sea shells. I sewed the sea shells on, but you could also use iron-on adhesive or hot glue. 

Then we slipped her into her new costume and did a little photo shoot. We have to stop doing baby photo shoots at 5:00pm. She's not into smiling at that time of day. 

She's our little mermaid this year!

I haven't decided if I'm going to make coordinating costumes for Zane, Rufio and me. I'll let you know if I get inspired. 
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