Monday, October 1, 2012


This is my first review of a book when I know the author! My mom's good friend Georgia Brution just published her first book, Escape. I received my very own signed copy this weekend!

Escape is the story of twelve year-old Micah as he navigates some difficult family situations. He finds adventure through escaping into a world of seafaring pirates. The lessons he learns in his adventures become relevant to his life back home. 

There are probably a lot of kids who have found themselves in simliar life situations, and would love to escape as Micah does. Micah's story is one of adventure, family, and hope for positive change. 

This is a cute story that perfect for late elementary and middle grades. It's a younger reading level than what I've been reading lately, so it was a sweet escape for me from my heavier novels. I look forward to one day reading Escape with Daisy! Maybe by then we'll have some more Georgia Bruton books on our bookshelf! 

I recommend this book and the author!

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