Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Potty Training Update

It's been a while since I updated you guys on my infant toilet training experiences. Other than feeling a little awkward or embarrassed about toilet training an infant, it's been going great. If you want to read more about poop, then continue. If not, this isn't the post for you. 

I've been really laid-back about it. I only attempt to catch her first morning poops, because those are the only predictable ones she has. Right after she nurses in the morning, I sit her on the potty seat, and within a minute she goes. 

I have a little song I sing, but sometimes I don't even get through the first line, and she's gone already. 

I don't attempt to catch them everyday. If I have to be somewhere in the morning, then I don't even try. It's a convenience thing for me right now. I've caught three in the last week. The first week after I bought the potty seat, I sat her on it several times without any luck before she finally got used to it enough to go.

She's in her happiest mood right after her first morning feeding, so she normally laughs and smiles while I'm holding her on the potty. If she ever starts to fuss or cry, I take her off. 

One of my biggest motivations is that the clean up is SO much easier than changing a poopy diaper. There's hardly anything to clean at all. The diapers mash it all over her, but the toilet just catches it. It's also nice to save a diaper, cloth or disposable. 

I've accidentally caught a couple pees, but I haven't started training her for that yet. Many cultures train their infants to pee on command. I've attempted it a couple times with no luck.

So far, so good! 

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