Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Helping Daisy Love

Right after I announced what we had chosen to name our little baby, a friend shared with me, which is a blog updating the cancer journey of 8 year-old Daisy Love Merrick. I wrote this blog post about it when I first met Daisy Love via the interwebs. 

Not only does my girl share a name with Daisy Love, they were also born in the same month. They could have been born the same day if my Daisy had come early. 

I've been following her story every since. 

There are several fundraising projects going on to pay for the expenses of Daisy's cancer treatment, including a couple that I just had to participate in. Check it out: 

Andrea Montgomery jewelry

This is a beautiful necklace with a daisy charm, love charm, and a pearl, the June birthstone. They're sold-out of the gold version, but there's also a sterling silver version. I'm on the list to get a gold one when they restock. It's a great reminder to pray for Daisy Merrick, while also representing my own Daisy Love. 

And, if jewelry isn't your thing:


Daisy Love t-shirts! Ordered ours yesterday!

Both of these products are more costly than I usually spend on shirts or necklaces, but 100% of the proceeds to go Daisy Love's trust fund, so it's a really great cause!! She's currently undergoing some new (and quite expensive) medical treatments in Israel.

I can't wait to wear my shirt and necklace. When people hopefully comment on them, I can tell them about Daisy Love. What a sweet girl! You guys should check out her story.
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