Friday, September 21, 2012

Rain Poetry

It's been pretty rainy lately, which is typical for Florida this time of year. I found this a few days ago and thought I'd share it with you. If you love thunderstorms, then you will relate to this poem that I wrote in 2001.

The rain came is soft melody.
A flash of lightening brings excitement.
The quiet rumble of thunder in the background as flashes come, adds to the slow pitter patter of the rain on the ground.
The trees sway and lightening flashes again.
Thunder rumbles louder and then softer.
The rain falls faster now.
There's a gust of wind and the rain has a constant sound.
Crackle of thunder.
Pitter patter fast against the background of the rain.
The thunder rumbles.
Bushes sway freely.
The rain and thunder increase in loudness.
Slow thunder rumble.
Fast rain now. It looks like a white mist though closer drops are seen.
It sooths the mind and calms the head.
A rain storm to a Floridian in summer.
Perhaps the billionth she's seen, heard, experienced, loved.
This has become a treat.
God's majesty is shown.
Oh what a lovely sound. Nothing can compare to the song of rain.
Oh so beautiful.
The green plants drinking up as dots splash on the cement beside them.
Some may say for the rain to leave, but she sits at her window and praises God for a melody that is irreplacable.
Thank you, God, for the rain, for the storms.
The rain slows and silence comes again.
Flashes still are seen, and rumbles are heard,
but the trees, damp and happy, know that it has ended.
So sad.
When a beautiful song is over.
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