Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glimpse into the Past

Today I was doing some amateur backing-up of my old blog (as in I was copying and pasting into a document because I don't want to try to remember how to log into Xanga again), and I laughed out loud at this post. It's the oldest post on the blog, although by the way I started it, I don't know if I was actually my first post.

I just crack myself up, that's all. Maybe you guys will find it funny too, maybe not:

Wednesday, 22 September 2004
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Okay---my first commentator asked for personal so here it goes:
I'm really stupid and I thought I taped Gilmore Girls, but the VCR was on TBS and the TV was on WB. Don't you love initials? I'm going to rewrite that statement without initials. 
I'm really stupid and I thought I taped Gilmore Girls, but the video cassette recorder was on Turner Broadcasting System and the television was on Warner Brothers. So basically, I had to explain the episode to my sister and mom. I guess that's not too personal. I'll try again: 
I finally got a can of Skintimate so my legs are smoother now. I was using a icky Target brand--but that is a BAD IDEA! 
My roommate's boyfriend called at 7:00am. He thought it was funny. Luckily she hung up on him before he could leave a loud, dare I say, obnoxious message on our machine. He's so sweet.... 
I'm wearing Winnie the Pooh sleepy shorts--to add to my loserdom. But they are actually pretty cool because I can't feel them, so it's like I'm not wearing shorts at all. I know you probably wonder what that feels like. I'll do my best to explain it: it's like when you aren't wearing shorts, but you really are. 
OH!! I know what to write about! Last week I burned myself with my hair straightener--it was my scalp, because my new straightener doesn't have a plastic edge--so today I was running my hand through my hair and I felt a crusty substance on my scalp. Yes, it was the scab from the burn, but not realizing that, I scratched it off with my fingernails, which have gotten pretty long and can hold lots of crusty scabbiness. It was pretty gross--it was like yellowish-white, which means there was never blood, just puss. Hahaha, if that's not interesting, I don't know what is!!! 
Well I have class tomorrow and film. We are watching some more silent films. Score! You guys should check out some of those films. They are awesome. Charlie Chaplin is still funny almost a century after his films were directed, crazy huh? 
Well, to that one fan out there--I hope that was personal enough for you. I'll try to get more personal as I get more used to writing an online journal. 
And yes--I am listening Sugar Ray...has beens? Sure they are.

My favorite part was "it's like when you aren't wearing shorts, but you really are." My second favorite part was something that Daisy will never understand: the VCR.

Maybe it's because I'm a writer, but I love to read things that I wrote when I was younger. As I grow older my memories of things are different in retrospect, so reading those same memories through my eyes at that time makes me think one of two things:

1. Wow, I was so mature.
2. Wow, I was so immature.

I have another gem to share with you in tomorrow.
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