Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Wedding Weekend

Last weekend we drove up to Pensacola for our friends Heather and Olon's wedding! It was the longest road trip we've taken with Daisy so far, and she did great. Having her as a passenger turned an 8-hour trip into a 10-hour trip, but that's okay.

We got in on Friday afternoon, and I went straight to the bachelorette party. Zane was on Daisy-duty, which went okay...not as great as either of us had hoped, but Zane persevered! I had to leave the bachelorette festivities before the party ended to get back to my baby girl, but I know the bride had a fantastic time the rest of the night!

We were up fairly early Saturday morning, due to the Daisy-factor. We drove around looking for a cool restaurant to eat at and found a farmer's market and this guy: 

He found a tasty breakfast.

We also found some statues to take pictures underneath. 

I don't know what this is, but it's a good photo opportunity. 
We spent the rest of the day at the beach with friends, but neither of us took pictures of that. Then it was off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Daisy was looking fine as usual. 

"99% of my clothes have daisies on them! I love it!" 
Again, I had to leave bridesmaid festivities early, but we had a good time hanging out with the bride and groom a little bit after the dinner was over. 

My sister and bro-in-law stayed with us Saturday and Sunday night, and Sunday morning we went out with friends to a crazy southern cookin' restaurant. Great food, pretty cool (yet suspiciously dirty) atmosphere, and horrible service. It was a restaurant completely staffed by older women. Most of them seemed sweet, but we got the grouchy one as our waitress. I think she had us confused with someone else who did her majorly wrong. We were just looking for a good meal and refills. 

But Lydia got Daisy snuggles, so it was all okay. 

We got ready and headed to the wedding venue, which had been beautifully decorated by the bridesmaids minus me. At this point, I started to feel a little guilty about not being a fully committed bridesmaid, but Heather was really gracious with me, since I had Daisy to care for. Her feeding schedule (and the fact that my body is her source of food) makes it hard to do things. 

Here's some photos of Heather's amazing wedding planning. She did such a great job!



I arrived just in time to witness their first look. It was really sweet. 

The photos and ceremony all went well. Heather wrote the sweetest vows, and if she posts them to her blog, I'll put a link, because they were really awesome. I cried. That was also influenced by watching Olon's face as he told the vows to Heather. I love that part of weddings!

Then it was onto the reception. 

Sweet first dance. I promise I'm not worshipping them. I just get really into the Turtles.

Of course, Daisy was as cute as ever. 

After Heather's dad gave his toast, he came up to Zane and said, "Now I have something just for you: you turn around and you're at her wedding." Or something like that. We both cried when he said that, and I squeezed Daisy's hand and said, "You'll never leave us, right?!" 

Zane got a little daddy-daughter dancing during Unchained Melody.  

There was fun photo booth times as well. 

I was so blessed to be part of this wedding. I've been praying for Olon to come along for a long time, and he and Heather are finally married and living happily. We spent lots of time over the years talking about waiting on God and how it's really hard. The wait is finally over for both of us now.

Love this woman!!
It was a great weekend! 

When we left Pensacola on Monday morning heading east on I-10, I wished we were heading west. I want to go on another adventure, this time taking Daisy with us. Something to look forward to someday. 

It was a great first road trip for Daisy. It was a great wedding. It was a great time spent with friends and family. It was a great weekend. 
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