Friday, September 7, 2012

Cloth Diapering

Even though I hope to be out of diapers by Daisy's first birthday (ha, we'll see about that), I still have to deal with them throughout this time of her life. 

Most cloth diaper-ers recommend using paper while they're ultra little and going through twelve a day, so we did. We were given a bunch of paper NB and 1's, which we used up by three weeks. So after buying a few more boxes of 1's and 2's, we've spent about $70 on paper diapers. Not bad, but not the direction I want to continue going. 

I was afraid of starting cloth, mainly because I had gotten used to the paper diaper system: wipe and toss. Cloth diapering isn't much different. I'm just tossing into a laundry bag instead of the trash.  

Napping next to her clean diapers. 

I haven't had to buy any cloth diapers, because we were given so many. We have about sixteen that different people gave us. Some are new, some used, many different brands. 

I'm not sure which is my favorite brand. So far, Fuzzy Bunz and Bum Genius are up there. I have a couple home-made ones that velcro instead of snap that I really like too. I have four that don't require stuffing an insert, which is less work, which is nicer for me. Maybe I'll do a post on what I like/dislike about each brand in the future for anyone who wants to know my experience with them. 

Because we were given a bunch of cloth diapers, we've saved a TON of money that normally goes into cloth diapering. Thank you to everyone who gave us diapers!

I just started using cloth on Tuesday, so I'm no expert. I've noticed that she's much more sensitive to wetness in cloth diapers, which will help with infant toilet training for pee. Also, cloth is much bulkier than paper, so I have to put her in bigger onesies, but that's okay!

Here's a great resource that I've gone back to several times: my friend Abby's blog posts on her experience with cloth diapering.

I can see myself switching to cloth wipes pretty easily too. Just a few more things to wash. For now, I'm using my DIY wipes, which have been great! I adjusted the measurements based on a few recommendations from friends, and the result has been just fine (check the comments on that post if you're interested in the measurement adjustment).

Now that I submerged myself, I feel much more comfortable cloth diapering. It was the initial switch that scared me!

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