Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bookshelf Re-do Reject

One of my projects last week was to repaint this bookshelf for the nursery. We painted the walls almost the exact same shade of blue, so it looked funny staying in there this color. Since I painted my other furniture pieces, I was feeling pretty confident with this one. 

The blue was painted over a very slick white that hadn't been primed. It flaked off easily. No problem, because I was going to sand it anyways. I sanded for 30-45 minutes before I started having second thoughts. The paint flaked off enough to require sanding, but not enough to make it easy. 

At first, I thought I'd only have to sand the edges of the shelves, but I started sanding the side and realized the entire bookshelf required sanding to remove all the paint. Then it would definitely need priming before it could finally be painted. 
That's when I decided this bookshelf was fine to stay in the garage for a while. A project reject. 

I have another bookshelf for Daisy's room, which I'll hopefully finish sometime next week. I was working on three re-painting projects that day, so reducing it to two was no trouble at all. Someday I might get the motivation to go to town with a heavy-duty sanding block, but not anytime soon. 

Not every project is worth the work. I have to choose where to invest time and energy. I think you'll all be pleased with the choice I made when I show it to you. Here's a sneak peek of the before:

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