Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cheap and Yummy Chicken Salad

Lately, I've been trying to cut back on grocery shopping. Plan meals, etc. I made egg salad on Sunday, so I wouldn't have to buy deli meat this week. Monday at lunch I realized the egg salad was kind of bland and not super filling, so I spiced it up for the rest of the week. Tuesday's sandwich was freakin' awesome.

4.5 oz can of chicken shredded (or you can use tuna) (I'm guessing on the oz size. It's the small can that looks like a tuna can, but it's actually chicken, and not chicken of the sea.)
4-6 hard boiled eggs chopped up
1-2 apples chopped up (I used 2 really small yellow delicious ones, which were delicious)
A bunch of spoonfuls of mayo
A bunch of squirts of yellow mustard
A couple squirts of spicy brown mustard
Several taps of paprika (I'm guessing 1/4 tsp)
Several taps of black pepper

Just make it the consistency that you like. Then mix it all up and put it on bread with provolone cheese and spinach leaves. Eat it. Then you can die happy because you just ate an awesome sandwich. That's how I felt after eating mine.

It makes about eight sandwiches, depending on how much you pile on your sandwich.

Can of chicken - $1.20. (Tuna's like $.69 a can. If you like tuna, go the cheaper route!)
4-6 eggs - $.75
1-2 apples - $.50
Condiments/spices - $.50
Total: $2.95
Total per serving: $.37 (before the cost of bread/cheese/spinach) What a deal!

Additional Ingredients:
If I had sweet relish, celery, and/or craisins in my pantry that day, I would have added them, but I was going with what I had on hand. Just throw in whatever you like! That's how I make everything. (Disclaimer: sometimes I have to throw out disgusting combinations [green smoothie almost made me vomit earlier this week], but not this combo! This is a safe, yummy combo!).

Sorry, no photo of the sandwich or the chicken salad. I ate it too fast. Here's someone else's photo of hard boiled eggs for your viewing pleasure. Mine were boiled harder than that, though. I don't like the yoke to be squishy.
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