Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Babymoon Anniversary Trip - Day 1

This past weekend Zane and I celebrated four years of marriage on an anniversary trip/babymoon to Sarasota. We had such a wonderful time doing lots of fun things, which I will share with you now.

We drove over on Thursday night, leaving Rufio with Zane's parents. Our hotel was right off the interstate, and we got in a little after 9:00pm. We were both exhausted. The shower head fell off during Zane's shower, so we got upgraded to huge room for the same price. We would have found another hotel if they hadn't upgraded us, but we were pretty happy with the new room.

Friday we went to Siesta Key beach. I dared to wear a bikini, which was only scary before I took off my cover-up dress. After I exposed my belly, I forced myself to be oblivious to others. That's the same bathing suit I wore on our honeymoon. Zane was on modesty patrol and said I need to get a new one that fits better. Okay, fine.

Full belly exposure.

Siesta Key is a popular beach - just look at all the people in the background. There were several layers of people from the water on up the beach.

We had fun throwing a football, flying a kite, and jumping over the waves. It was the best beach weather ever too: breezy and beautiful! The water was cool and refreshing, not too cold. And neither of us got sun burned.

Zane took this awesome picture. He's so cool.

Afterwards, we went to lunch in the village at The Hub, which was fun. The food was good, the atmosphere was great, but the service was just okay. Polite and nice, but not super attentive.

We shopped for a while, bought a shell night light for Daisy's room, swam in the hotel pool, and headed back out for dinner and a movie. 

We went to Lakewood Ranch, which is one of those live here-work here all-inclusive communities, like Celebration. Apparently they have a "First Fridays" community event with live music and booths, so the marketplace streets were swarming with people.

Phone picture while waiting for our table.
We ate at MacAllisters, which to me was just okay. Zane loved his ribs, but we had to flag down our waitress just to place our order, get refills, get the check...anything we needed. Maybe she was unattentive because it was so busy that night due to "First Fridays." She was working about five tables.

Then we saw Mirror, Mirror. We both liked it, although Zane liked it more than I did. The costumes and sets were great. The story was cute, but how many times can I handle the story of Snow White? At least once more, because I want to see the huntsman one too.

Friday was a perfect day, which ended with the joy of knowing we would wake up to another full day of vacation on Saturday.
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