Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peach's Restaurants

A restaurant review.

We went to Sarasota on an anniversary trip last weekend, and through Urbanspoon we came across Peach's Restaurant. It's a breakfast, brunch, lunch restaurant. We were looking for local places with light menu items.

We weren't sure when we pulled into the parking lot, because it looked rundown from the outside, but I think it was just the plaza. I'm glad we got out of the car and gave it a chance, because we LOVED it!

The atmosphere was country-like and the service was really great. Very low-key and laid back, but attentive and sweet. The food was delicious!

I got a chicken salad crossoint with fresh fruit on the side. The fruit was amazing. It was made up of honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and grapes. I ate the melons first, because they're usually not ripe at all, but these were cut really well - none of the rind was on them. You know what I mean too, if you've ever ordered "fresh fruit" at restaurants. The chicken salad crossoint was to die for. I inhaled it.

Zane got a wrap. I can't remember exactly what kind it was, but he loved his too. He got the fries, which were crispy and delicious, and I kind of regret not ordering them for myself.

We loved it so much that we went to a different location for breakfast the next morning. I got a ham and cheese croissont (couldn't say no to the crossoint!) and it was delicious! Zane got a traditional eggs and sausage breakfast that he said was okay. Not anything special. But they have quiches and other interesting items to try if we ever return.

We took some menus with us, even though there aren't any Orlando locations. If you're over in Bradenton/Sarasota area, go check out Peach's!! I can't recommend it enough!
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