Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Relative Productivity

Yesterday morning my best friend went into labor. I went to work.

No baby at 4pm, so after work, I got my hair cut by a 40 year-old seemingly straight man at Supercuts. I have reason to believe that I was the first female he had ever worked with. I've never had a stylist so slow and meticulous about long layers. He held his breath for every snip and let out a little grunt aftewards - like he was focusing really hard. The final result was great, though.

At 5:30pm I helped Zane at an event in town where he deejayed for 500 crazed, chaotic elementary school children. Their corporate screams reached decibals of which I didn't know the human voice was capable.

No baby at 7:30pm. I picked up our Japanese student and went to Publix to fill up our five gallon jug of water. Satomi wanted to carry it into the house. I said, "Are you sure? It's heavy!" She said, "Yes!" I think she wants the full American experience.

This morning I woke up expecting a text, but no baby. Weird. I had done so much in the past 24 hours, while my friend was in labor. So, I kept going with my day.

I babysat for the sweetest little one year-old and skyped with my sister in China. He enjoyed watching our video chat. I enjoyed talking to Angela. I miss her. Tomorrow's her birthday, but it's actually today in China. Ha! Figure that one out.

Aftewards I exercised with my other sister for a few minutes, then talked with her for a few hours. If my body could become fit based on how many words I use in a day, I'd be ripped.

I came home, welcomed home my hubs, and at 4:45pm - as in a few minutes ago - I received the picture text of beautiful little baby Elinor! Finally a sweet little face to go with the name. :) Can't wait to hold her and kiss her. And cheer on her beautiful mama for persevering through 30ish hours of labor. What a woman!
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