Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love Song for an Angel

Sunday, Satomi (our Japanese student) and I were talking about religion and Catholicism, etc. She asked me if I knew a particular film.

She said it was about a woman who saw a man kill someone. The woman went to the police, and they told her to go to a convent. Satomi asked if that was Catholic, and I said yes. She said the film was called "Love Song for an Angel." I had never heard of it. I asked if they found the man who killed someone, and she said no. She said the woman sings a song at the convent. I asked her how old the movie was, and she said not very old.

She was sure I had heard of the movie, but just didn't recognize the name. When we got home, she looked it up on Yahoo Japan and clicked to images. What popped up was the movie poster for Sister Act.

Then we laughed.
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