Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Waiting for a Baby

Well, I'm 39 weeks, and the big 40 is looming ahead. Daisy may very well go overtime. The 4th of July might be celebrated with watermelon on the table and a watermelon still in my belly. 

Besides praying for her to come, wishing my Braxton Hicks would start hurting, and talking about her all the time, I've been trying to stay busy. It's getting more difficult as the day draws nearer. 

Saturday was hard, because we had a lot of free time. Errands just don't cut it. But, Zane and I went out that night to dinner and a movie. We saw Brave, which (spoiler alert!) is about a mother-daughter relationship. I spent half the time worrying about my future relationship with Daisy and the other half worrying about being a bad daughter. I think the pregnancy hormones were at work during that movie, because my sister didn't have the same reaction. 

Sunday after church, we went out with friends, and I made these amazing cookies:

They took me a couple hours, because I only have two cookie sheets, so I had to keep letting them cool and restocking the sheet for the next batch. That was good time spent. Then we had growth group. Social engagements are good time spent too. 

Monday was busy, and we had family dinner. Yay for social engagements!

Tuesday I left work early and tried baking these Cinnabon copycat cinnamon rolls:

They took a few hours because I had to let the dough rise. There were lots of steps and ingredients to keep my mind occupied, plus I had time for a nap in the middle. Baking semi-complicated recipes is a good way to not obsess over baby coming. By the way, they're amazingly delicious. 

39 weeks and counting. She's getting big and crowded in there. 

Come out, Daisy!

Tonight we're going out again. Dinner and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with friends. Our friend Josh suggested that "historical inaccuracies could make Daisy come." Let's hope so!
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