Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Donuts and Collards and Fries, Oh My!

Is there anything quite so delicious as a donut? I think not! That's been my major craving lately. If I think about donuts too much, I start to smell them and long for their sweetness in my mouth. Yum. I guess I've been channeling Homer Simpson.

Here's my list of favorite donut flavors in priority order:
Chocolate glazed

I tried some other flavors when Dunkin didn't have any of the above, and I wasn't that satisfied. French crueler and blueberry? They're okay, but only just okay. If it happens again, I'm going to try regular glazed or old-fashioned. I'm planning my orders already! I'm obsessed!

37 weeks and loving donuts!

I've also been trying to eat more healthy in this last month before Daisy comes. I know, it's hard to believe after that obsessive donut speech. I've been trying to add more fruits and veggies into my diet. I asked my midwife about the vitamin K shot that they give babies immediately after birth, and she said if I eat plenty of leafy greens, then Daisy probably won't need it. It's only if she's severely bruised or her head is super misshapen.

So, I got on a collard greens kick.

A week later I had my blood drawn. When my results came back, my midwife raved about how great my blood looked. My hemoglobin levels were amazing! My iron count, awesome!

Apparently Zane loves them too. I thought I had made enough for a whole week of meals, but they only lasted for two because Zane wanted seconds and thirds! He keeps talking about how much he loves collards.

A bunch of fresh collards or a bag of frozen collards is pretty cheap ($1.50). All you do is boil/simmer them in chicken broth. My aunt made them on Memorial Day and used a vegan broth, which was also delicious. They're surprisingly filling and yummy.

After you eat a bunch of yummy collards, go out and get a yummy donut! That's what I do!

Zane and I also enjoy our restaurant trips too. We enjoy eating out, and pretty soon we'll have to cut that out since we're planning on dropping to one income. In the meantime, we're enjoying deals like $2 Happy Meal Sundays. Here's me with a cute little fry box at McDonalds. Everything miniature is cute!

That's my "cute wittle fwies" face.

I know you know this, but there's a serious connection between health and food. It's crazy how we ignore it in this country. Lately I've been reading Dr. Furhman, and the success stories of major health improvements are amazing. Check it out - insomnia, acne, autoimmune disorders, obesity - all healed through strategic changes in diet. 

I'm not one for drastic diet overhauls, but Zane and I are gradually adding more good stuff and eliminating more of the bad (while still enjoying donuts and happy meals...). Even minor changes can make major differences, just look at my blood! 
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