Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hosting Chinese Kids - Round Two

I originally said we were taking on two groups of Chinese students...well, we decided to take on a third! We're crazy like that. This second round of kids was the round we were originally going to skip, but I'm so glad we decided to host, because these two boys were such a delight!

Monday night dinner at my parent's house.

We ate at my mom's on Monday night. They really liked the baked penne pasta that she made, so much that they took seconds (that's how I know they weren't just being polite). That night driving home, they said, "Monday is happy." I thought my heart would melt out of my chest. 

Unlike the other boys, these two liked cheese, at least swiss and colby jack. They also liked milk, yogurt and ice cream. The pasta bake on Monday had sour cream in it too. 

So far, none of the boys have liked oatmeal cream pies. I don't know what it means. 

Speaking into the translator on the phone.
As far as English goes, both boys were brave and willing to try speaking it with us, however neither of them knew a whole lot. We used charades, drawings, and google translator on the iPhone. 

These kids responded the first time I ask them to do something. They loved Rufio and played quietly with him while I prepared meals. They woke up early Tuesday morning to make us Chinese green tea. They were smiley and happy and considerate. We loved hosting them. 

Every morning, they sang Chinese songs in the back seat of the car. One afternoon car ride, we asked them to sing so Zane could hear them too. They brightened up and sang several Chinese songs. After a while, Zane and I said, "We will sing now," and sang Smashmouth's "All Star." One kid was cracking up, while the other was giggling and trying to get him to stop laughing, because he didn't want to offend us. But we were hamming it up, so laughter was appropriate. 

Smiley boys!
The last night they were with us, we went to Chick Fil A with friends who are also hosting students. Apparently it was kid's night, which should be called, "Crazy, over-stimulation night." The boys really liked it, and I think they liked being able to eat with their Chinese friends too. They probably just think American restaurants are loud and crazy, which I guess is true for most. 

It's been a completely different experience than the first group this past weekend. All around, it's been less stressful and more pleasant. I hope our own children are like these boys when they visit other people's homes someday. 

We were sad to say goodbye today, but we get two new boys tonight. The adventure continues!!
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