Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zane > Me

He cooks for me. He's good at it, and he likes it.

He watches movies with me. He even enjoys the chick flicks!

He doesn't mind if I'm lazy sometimes. I get frustrated with myself about it, when he could care less.

He's excited for me to be an actor. He supports me better than anyone. He encourages me and gives me pointers.

He's patient through my moods. It's rare, but I get the occasional [daily, weekly] moodswing.

He thinks I'm smokin' hot.

He lets me be sad when I need to be. He holds me, commiserates and never tries to fix me.

He sacrifices the best piece of crispy sausage or bacon.

He makes sure there's always milk in the fridge.

He likes to dream with me.

He works hard, excelling at Booster everyday, then coming home to tutor a few times a week.

He loves the Lord consistently, dilligently and despite my cynical remarks.

He enjoys being married to me.

He laughs at my jokes, and not just to be nice.

He appreciates my creativity, cleanliness, and candor.

He honors me when away from me.

He brags about me to other people, which I don't mind at all.

He's strong and athletic and could carry me out of a burning building if necessary.

He retains his rose-colored glasses, no matter what the world throws at him.

I love this man. On Tuesday we celebrated three years of marriage. Though we've had our struggles and arguments, I've never thought, even for a split second, that I shouldn't have married him. He's a better person than me, and I can't imagine life without him.

I don't understand about God's plan and sometimes resent Him for it, but I am eternally grateful that He brought me Zane.

Love you, Zane!
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