Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

Wow, tomorrow morning Kate and William get married. She's probably waking up right now thinking to herself, "Today's my wedding day." 

I find myself simultaneously feeling sorry for and envying Kate. Ugh, all that focus from the media, having to look perfect and act a certain way, pressure to procreate, supporting the king of a country. That's a lot of weight on a girl.

But then again, she's marrying a prince. She's the modern fairy tale. I like to think they're madly in love and he is carrying her off into the sunset to his kingdom by the sea.

But the politics.

But the beautiful dresses!

The wedding airs 6:00-7:00AM my time. I was reminded how quickly weddings happen. All this hype for months and it'll be over in an hour. They'll stand in the balcony of Buckingham Palace and wave at their people and think, "Wow, we're married now? I feel the exact same as I did two hours ago."

All the excitement will fall in a crash of anti-climactic disappointment as the media and royals continue on with "real life," which brings me back to the politics...oh, and marriage-building. That must be hard for someone under the watchful eye of a country. I hope they are well-matched in personality and truly do love each other, enough to work through the hard times. I hope their marriage is happier than his mother's seemed to be.

If I were a royal, I'd want to be the younger sibling. Although, that doesn't necessarily keep one from the responsibility of running a country. Just look at Colin Firth, er-- I mean, King George VI.

God bless Kate and William's marriage and their future as rulers of a country.

I hope I can meet them someday and tell Kate that she's lovely.
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