Saturday, October 25, 2014

Little Pumpkin in a Big Pumpkin

Just a sweet newborn in a pumpkin. 

This time last week, Amy was still in my belly. Our "waiting on a baby" activity was going to the pumpkin patch, where we took this picture:  

This morning we did a little photo shoot at home and put Amy in the pumpkin we bought. It's very nice outside today (upper 70's), so actually too cold to attempt a newborn photo shoot outside. 

Amy did pretty well. It was hot by the window, which is great for newborn photos. I was sweating. She mostly stayed asleep, but if her arms touched the pumpkin, she stirred and cried. 

Now Amy's been thoroughly initiated into our little pumpking tradition, like her sister Daisy before her: 

October 2012

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