Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sunshine Cloth Diapers

A review!

My long-time friend Dana is a mom, who decided to use cloth diapers with her daughter. That went so well that she started her own online, eco-friendly, baby gear store called Sunshine Cloth Diapers. Last month she sent me a sample diaper of my choice to try out and review here, so here I go!

The Diaper

I chose a Best Bottom Diaper, which is considered a hybrid, because it has an outer, plastic-y shell and soft, fleece liners that can be replaced without changing the shell, similar to a Grovia diaper (the front-runner in my favorite cloth diaper brands).

Best Bottom is my new favorite. The shell fits Daisy much better around her legs than her Grovia shells. No leaks with Best Bottom. The shell also seems sturdier than my Grovia shells.

I've washed the diaper 5-6 times, and it's still like new.

Sunshine Cloth Diapers' website has the cost breakdown of each type of cloth diaper system versus disposable diapers. The Best Bottom diaper system costs approximately $400 compared to a disposable system, which costs approximately $2200 over the course of three years.

I would recommend Best Bottoms over other types of cloth diapers for affordability and ease of use. If we have another baby, I'll definitely order more of these.

The diaper gets an A+!

The Website

The website is a gold mine of information.

Diapering 101 - If anyone is considering cloth diapering, check out the diapering 101 page and browse the diapers. Each product page has a diagram picture of the diaper, detailed description, and washing instructions!

Registry - Expecting mothers can register for the reusable baby products that they need!

Wipe Solution Recipes - No need to search the internet for solution recipes, because there are several recipes available for free!

Customer Loyalty Program - Planning on buying lots of diapers? Want to refer a friend? You can earn discounts!

Not Just Diapers

Many cloth diaper stores only sell the diapers. Then you have to hunt down the other reusable things that go with cloth diapering, but Sunshine Cloth Diapers offers it all: pail liner, diaper sprayer, cloth-friendly diaper cream, cloth wipes, laundry detergent.

They also carry products for mom, the nursery, teething, potty training, bath, and even baby carriers!

Plus, all products are eco-friendly and made in the USA. 

If you're just starting out on the journey of motherhood, and you're looking for a way to support small-business, save money, stay green, and care for your baby with quality products, then try Sunshine Cloth Diapers!!

I received a free diaper from Sunshine Diapers, but the opinions are my own! 

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