Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Peace in the Garden

My gardening pattern is to let my garden over-grow in the winter and then do a big overhaul in the spring. In a Florida winter, the weak plants die, and the weeds take over any remaining space, so I'm usually left with an ugly jungle when spring comes around.

This year, I wasn't really motivated. I blamed it on work, having a kid, no money for plants, etc. My typical five-hour garden overhaul day wouldn't work with Daisy, anyways. Thus, I stalled.

One of our Amaryllis plants bloomed on Easter weekend, but even its beauty couldn't stir me to garden action.
Eight blooms and the only time I took a picture was at night. 

I've been creatively stuck this entire month. No sewing, blogging, gardening etc. It's been kind of depressing. But this weekend, I broke out of my creative funk!

Zane trimmed back our azalea jungle on Saturday, which was the final motivation I needed.

We cleaned up most of the azalea debris, and I pulled weeds and planted four Mexican heather bushes. Daisy sat in her stroller, enjoying the outside and watching us work and Rufio roam. We worked for 45-60 minutes before she was done with the outside, but it was enough to get the garden looking much better.

I'm not done with it yet, but it already feels so much cleaner and fresher.

It's fun looking back at my garden pictures over the three years we've been here. Each year it looks a little different as I try new plants in the space. Just for kicks, here's my pineapples from 2010 that I started from grocery store pineapple tops (top right under the sago palms). Below that is a picture of them this month.

They've only taken 3.5 years to fruit! These guys grow BIG! They're about 3-4 feet in diameter. After I harvest the fruit, I'm getting rid of them. It was fun to grow fruit, but my garden's really not the right space for this kind of plant. 

Besides, I like flowers. I want more daisies like last year's garden. So pretty.  

Moral of the story: my creative funk is over for now. I've gardened, sewn and blogged this week. I'm feeling creatively productive.
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