Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter in Blue Ridge

Last weekend Zane and I went on a family weekend getaway to Blue Ridge, Georgia. We left after work Thursday evening at 6:30pm and drove through the night to my sister's house in Kennesaw. My parents had driven up earlier that day, so on Friday we all hopped over to Blue Ridge to a beautiful cabin in the mountains.

Penny for Daisy's thoughts here. 

It was wonderful.

We ate, played games, lounged about, hiked to a waterfall, walked around the cute little town, did jigsaw puzzles, soaked in the hot tub, watched youtube videos, Duck Dynasty and Dan in Real Life, played Just Dance and pool, ate s'mores, and just enjoyed each other.

Zane and I were both stressed on Thursday (in our new normal state of being, which is stress), and were basically at each other's throats on the midnight drive to Georgia, but we both got to unwind and relax and enjoy our family, which is just what we needed.  

The drive back took 12 hours, but it was very enjoyable. We had fun, took a long lunch break, sang songs and dreamed together. It wasn't until we pulled into our neighborhood that reality hit us again (remembering that our other car's battery was dead...oh yeah, something else to deal with). 

Now we're back to reality, but I'm glad for the break we had. It fuels me to work toward the next one, whenever that is!
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