Friday, July 13, 2012

Blasting Off Again!!

This morning I was changing Daisy out of her pee-soaked nightgown and found this awesome onesie in her drawer! I had totally forgotten about it.
Obviously, I had to get the matching headpiece out to do a mini photo shoot!

Remember Zane and my costumes from Halloween

I had just found out I was pregnant a week before Halloween, so when I was creating our costumes, I went ahead and made a little onesie for my baby, Jesse or James. 

Of course, I didn't share that with you guys at the time. Little Daisy was only a five week-old little baby fetus. Now she's nearly-two weeks old! As you can see, she's already down with the family costume thing...

This happened because she was cold. Once I wrapped that blanket around her (see first photo), she fell right to sleep. I thought it was the hat, or the sun in her eyes, or a wet diaper, or that she was hungry (even though she just ate), but it was the temperature. That's my life right now: figuring out what is making my child unhappy and fixing it. She's a very good-natured baby, so this kind of cry was strange for this time of day. Silly mom, the AC is cold! 

This is only Daisy's first costume of the day. Later today we'll be dressing as cows for Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A! It's become a family tradition now. Free food for dressing in costumes? This day was made for us. 
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