Friday, December 2, 2011

November News

I only wrote three posts in November, due to a lack of motivation, due to fatigue, due to a little secret.

All the many things that happened last month were mixed up with being pregnant, so it was hard for me to tell stories and leave out that important detail.

Even my sprained ankle story was more intense than I first shared because I was six weeks pregnant when I fell. Compensating for my ankle took a much heavier toll on my body because I was already super tired, and there was an initial scare that I had messed something up inside. Praise the Lord, I didn't fall on my tummy.

Photo by Eddy Badrina

Here are some highlights of our November - it was a whirlwind month!

1. We visited our friends in North Carolina. We had a fantastic time, celebrating our pregnancies and playing games. That was also when my nausea first started to spike. I think I'll always remember everything I ate during that trip, because every meal was hard. It was an extra blessing to share the joy of our pregnancies during that trip.

Photo by the Gjertsens

2. I had my first prenatal appointment, which made the pregnancy feel more real. I also got my first flu shot ever...for the baby. The first of many sacrifices. I hate shots, so I never used to get the flu shot. I also never contracted the flu.

3. Zane's brother got married! It was a beautiful wedding. This is also when I sprained my ankle. The only story I shared on the blog. I danced as best I could on one leg, and Zane did a great job taking care of me while tending to his groomsmen duties. After the wedding, we shared our pregnancy news with some of Zane's family, which was really special.

Post-wedding fun!

4. The drive back to Orlando after the wedding was rough. It marked the worst moment[s] of nausea to date, and I hope I never go back to that dark place.

5. I stayed a week with my parents during Zane's second week working in Jacksonville. I was scared I would fall in my house alone, since I couldn't walk with my sprained ankle. I also cancelled all my plans because I was completely knocked out (and up! hardy har har). Thank you, mom and dad, for taking such good care of me that week. It's nice to be with mom, especially when you're sick.

6. I saw the latest Twilight movie with a bunch of friends. I totally related to Bella throwing up her chicken, and I look forward to when Zane touches my tummy and tells me what our baby is thinking.

Nine weeks along.

7. We had our first ultrasound. It was such an amazing experience to see the little heart beating so fast. This picture is a little different than the one on our announcement post. I cannot wait for the next one at twelve weeks!

8. Thanksgiving was crazy. We spent time with my family Friday and Saturday, and then drove over to Zane's family for the rest of the weekend. It went by fast, like all holidays do. The only picture I took was of Rufio on the car ride over to Plant City.

Asleep on a duffle bag.
9. I met my friend's sweet little newborn. While I was holding her, I was thinking about how little her hands are, her little fingers and fingernails. I thought about my baby's developing fingers, and how they're even tinier than the newborn's. My head almost exploded. The development of human beings is insane. Just absolutely crazy awesome. It also made me super excited to meet little baby Kennedy next summer!

10. We wrapped up the month with publicly announcing the pregnancy. Thank you for the love!! It's more than I can handle at times. I told Zane that it almost seems like other people are more excited for this baby than I am - and lemme tell ya, I'm excited!

That's a summary of our November. Because of the pregnancy, it ended up being different than I would have ever expected or planned for, and I couldn't be more grateful for that! 
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