Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shirt to Dress, Part 2

Update from Deb's sewing studio. Check out part one to get the full story of how I'm transforming a dress shirt into a party dress. 

I patched together a back for my dress! No more honkytonk badonkadonk peek-a-boo action. 
Here's the remaining fabric from the sleeves sewn together, which became the back of the skirt. 

I wanted to point out that I have used every bit of fabric from the original shirt. These buttons are currently located on the top of the back of the dress. Originally, they were the cuffs of the shirt.

Here's the new back. It's hard to take a picture of my backside, so it looks a little twisty. 

I still have the problem of the flappy armpit fabric, but I'll work on that this week and get back to you!

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