Thursday, May 27, 2010

Identity Crisis

Confession 1: I really like reading blogs. I kind of love it.

Confession 2: I really like different styles, cultures, ways of living, etc.

The Problem: When these two likes converge, I end up wishing I was like the people whose blogs I read. I want to live their lives, be an expert of their field, or at the very least, be their best friend.

The Culprits: The following blogs I have recently become extremely too fond of. (Ouch! A preposition at the end of a sentence!)

The Pioneer Woman - Sometimes I start to think I am Ree – so many similarities, except for the fact that I live in suburbia and she lives on a cattle ranch. Minor difference.

EPBOT - I’m a geek wannabe, but I hope I’m never a poser. I already am considering going to the next dragoncon. My only claim to geek-hood is a love for Zelda and season one of Pokemon. Although, I have owned this guy since first grade:

My ticket into the geek world.

My Life in Style - I also wish I had been born with a good sense of fashion. Actually I was. I wish I had been born with an exceptional sense of fashion. Often when shopping, I will think “What would Chelsea wear?” My main hindrance from being cute is being too cheap. I usually just wear my clothes until they have holes…which means they’ve already been out of style for a few years.

Ultimately, I know I must settle for being happy with who I am. (Like I haven’t been told that my entire life).
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