Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Hiatus

 Sometimes I get stressed. It's the truth.

Sometimes I get so stressed that I have to cut out parts of life. That happened recently, but I'm getting back into a fuller routine, like getting into a pool one shallow-end-step at a time. While dangling my feet in the water of my symbolic blog pool, I wrote up a few ideas for posts, so keep an eye out for more adventures this summer.

But let's talk about the spring. It went by pretty quickly, don't you think? A little too quickly, right? Well, luckily, I documented some of the adventures I had during my happy hiatus, during the hiatus which I neglected you guys. Here you go:

First, my sister got engaged. That means bridesmaid adventures in the future!

Then, my other sister had a birthday, so I baked this sweet cake.

Then it was Easter, and the best photo Zane and I could take was this one:

But then, we had our anniversary, so we took this photo, which I think turned out better.

 P.S. We finally closed on our house! Talk about an adventure (and source of stress)!

Mixed in with all these happenings, I was Maid of Honor in the wedding my dear friend, Katie. Love her!

Oh, and I did some modeling on the side...pro bono, of course.
 (photo by Tonya Travelstead)

And just for kicks, I'll throw in this shot of some baking masterpieces from Katie's bridal shower.

I know you missed me. That's good, because I need people to miss me, or I won't have any reason for writing.

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