Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whistle While You Eat

Zane and I played a fun game at dinner tonight. It was completely spontaneous, which made it super romantic in my opinion.

I made beanie-weenies (I'll blog about my lack of cooking skills later). It was really hot, so while we were sitting in silence waiting for our food to cool, I started blowing on the beans in my spoon. I thought I'd be cute (by cute, I mean funny/annoying) and started whistling as I blew on my food.

The first song that people usually whistle (at least I do) is jingle bells. I whistled the entire song over a few different bites, until Zane said "You can stop now."

I smirked. He said, "Were you waiting for me to tell you to stop?"

I said, "No, just to acknowledge that I was whistling." What kind of answer is that? I don't know.

He replied, "You're whistling."

Then I started it up again. Not to be annoying, but because it really was more fun than blowing on my food. As I put my spoon in my mouth, Zane starts whistling on his spoon.

He whistled one of the themes from Lord of the Rings and smirks back at me.

So I whistled Pirates of the Caribbean.

So he whistled a different Lord the Rings theme.

So I whistled Indiana Jones.

So he whistled Star Wars.

So I whistled a third Lord of the Rings theme.

So he whistled X-Files.

Then I was stumped. I tried to think of the Last of the Mohicans or E.T., but all I could think of was Lord of the Rings and we had already done that movie 3 times.

After I acknowledged his win, neither of us could think of the Last of the Mohicans theme. We looked it up on YouTube. Now I'll be singing it all night and dreaming about running through upstate New York with Daniel Day Lewis.

Just another regular dinner with Zane and Deborah. Next time you eat with us, have some tunes in your head ready to whistle.
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