Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Comfort of Familiarity

Here are 3 things that have recently occurred and resulted in that feeling of comfort due to familiarity.

1. A little while ago, football season kicked off. I don't really consider myself a football widow, because my husband is very conscious to keep me feeling more important than football. This usually means he watches only 1 game per weekend. Some wives are shocked right now that that's even possible.

Anyways, one Sunday I woke up from a nap and walked into the living room where the Buck's game was playing. (side note: my former Ohio-ian coworkers refer to the Buckeyes as "the Bucks," but we Floridians know that "The Bucks" are the Buccanneers. Even I know that, and I hate football.) I sat on the couch and felt a wave of happiness come over me. Something about Sunday afternoon football is very warming. I couldn't care less about the game, but just having the game on made me feel peaceful, like this is how fall should be.

2. Recently I got flyers in the mail advertising fall-type decor. I remembered I have fall-type decor, which I purchased last year. I switched out my silk flowers, flipped my turkey kitchen towel over the stove handle, and hung the "Hearty Autumn Welcome" door knob sign.

A different wave of happiness came over me than the football kind. This time I felt familiar because this is my stuff, and this is the second time I'm using it, which makes it a tradition. Zane and I have been married long enough to have a tradition in place. It was that weird feeling that it was already fall again, but I liked it because sometimes time should feel like it went by quickly.

3. Today I knew it was going to be beautiful weather, because Zane told me a cold front was coming. If that wasn't enough, there were also the many facebook statuses which echoed praises of today's beautiful morning. Additionally, my house was 76 degrees when I got up, even though the thermostat was set at 78. Since it's my day off, I decided to spend some of it outside.

I put on my jogging clothes and set out through the neighborhood. (By "set out" I mean briskly walked, because I'm not a runner or jogger). My mind flooded with memories from last fall. The most vivid of those memories was a particular walk that Zane and I took where we dreamed about our future: house, kids, money, the works. Remembering that walk filled me with happiness again.

All this to say, fall has thus far made me quite happy. Tomorrow is October. Though I know that the last 3 months of the year will go by quickly, I plan on making more wonderful memories to connect to this lovely fall season. Maybe someday we'll even live in a place where the leaves change. Until then, I'll enjoy my chilly 76 degree house.
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