Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Florida Gardener

Generally speaking, I have had a bad relationship with plants. I forget they exist, which means forgetting to water, which means impending death for those poor plants.

Until I got smart about it. I put my plants near the sprinklers that water the bushes which belong to the condominium. That, plus rain and occasional hand-watering when I notice they're drooping, has kept my plants alive!! This success has given me a new excitement for gardening.

Tonight, Zane and I went to Walmart to get some odds and ends. I hate that store, but going with Zane is the only thing that makes it okay. I always get quality time when I go with Zane because we browse the merchandise and talk about what we like and why. It's like a date, but not quite as good as a real date.

Back to plants, Zane and I parked near the gardening entrance, which meant a peruse around the greenery. I was familiar with many of the plants from reading a Florida gardening book that my coworker let me borrow in preparation for the yard I'll own someday.

Long story short[er], I now own a plumbago. It's a pretty blue shrub that I have seen nearly everywhere since I became aware of its existence. I don't have a photo of it yet, but here's a photo of where it sits among a trio of plants in my little yard:

On the left you'll see my sago palm, which I propagated from my parents' palm. The back-right is a begonia, which is hardy, but not very pretty I think. The front-middle is my favorite: the penta. I love this plant. It's so hardy and has beautiful dark green leaves and bright red flowers.

Resilience is admirable in any organism. I try to be like my pentas: resiliant and beautiful.

I'll update you when I get to know my plumbago. I hear it's also hardy and resilient. If it survives my gardening skills, then I'll plant it in the ground at our new house, wherever that will be.

New house? That's a whole new post!
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