Friday, May 22, 2009


Every human being on the earth can relate to rain.

From the tribes of Papua New Guinea to the residents of Long Island's Hamptons, all people know rain. It is experience with rain that differs.

This weekend, Zane and I drove back from North Carolina in the rain. Heavy rain. Deluge rain. Scary-to-drive-in rain. The same rainstorm has been hovering over central Florida every day this week. While I sit warm and dry in my living room, I have one thing to say about rain:

It is glorious.

It also brings back some great memories. I'll share some with you.

England, June 2005. This rain was not like Florida rain. It was cold, windy rain. The kind that pops your umbrella inside-out while wisping away your body heat.

Nicaragua, June 2006. So, not the best drainage system, but this rain was essential to life. It kept us cool, day and night, in a country practically on the equator.

Hawaii, June 2007. If it were not for rain, we'd never get to see these amazing prisms.

Three parts of the world. Three great experiences with rain. In my book: summer = rain.
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