Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo

We had another day trip adventure recently to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo. We met up with Zane's parents on a Tuesday morning. It was really beautiful and not busy at all.

We took our time and walked through the many different themed gardens including the topiary garden, wedding garden, palm garden, tropical garden, vinery, fruit-bearing garden, herb garden, and butterfly garden. It was a very expansive area full of tons of different plants. 

I'd say about half the park was shaded. In the shade it was very nice, but it was a hot day, so in the sun it was pretty miserable even at 11:00AM. Florida heat, people. It's hot. 

Each garden area had cool benches (like the mosaic one above) and places to sit and enjoy the gardens. Daisy found some cute stump chairs. We even saw a few artists painting canvases. 

I'd like to go back when the kids are older and in a cooler time of year, because there is a historical village adjacent to the gardens that looks really interesting like something from The Atlanta History Center or St. Augustine. Oh, and did I mention the gardens are free? Thank you, Pinellas County, for this lovely park! 

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