Sunday, May 17, 2015

Atlanta History Center and Fun with Family

During the break between Zane's spring and summer semesters, we went up to Atlanta to visit my sister and her family. May 8 was National Public Gardens Day, and the Atlanta History Center had free admission for their gardens and houses. 

We started with lunch at the Swan Coach House for lunch, where we received the most amazing service! The hostess and waitress were both so sweet! The food was yummy too. I can definitely recommend the quiche! 

Daisy loved the cool benches in the ladies' room. 

Next we walked over to the Swann House, which is recently famous for its use in Catching Fire as the President's mansion. 

There were lovely little trails along the way... 

...and lovely little gardens around the mansion. 

The most spectacular view is from the far edge of the front lawn. 

You can go inside too, where there are several actors who will tell you about the family that built it. Also, every room is still decorated in the original 1930's style. The children's bedroom is set up for kids to play in, so our kids did just that. 

After the Swann House, we walked the grounds over to the Smith House, which is an old Civil War era house that was transported to the History Center grounds. There were actors in there too. It was a really cool experience, and I'd love to bring my kids back when they're older. 

We had a great time with Lydia and Kevin, just hanging out. Now that we're in an apartment, it's extra nice to be outside in a backyard. Kevin made a campfire one evening. 

Daisy got to taste her first s'more. 

There was plenty of flower-picking...

...and plenty of baby time!

I was nervous about the drive from Tampa to Atlanta with two kiddos, one potty trained and one breastfeeding. It wasn't bad at all. We had zero meltdowns. Maybe it's because we've taken them on road trips since they were born, but our girls are great travelers! Amy even took a turn driving. 

We had a great time visiting family including our little day trip to the Atlanta History Center. There was so much we didn't get to do there, so I definitely want to go back. Maybe next National Public Gardens day! 

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