Thursday, July 31, 2014

Amy Jubilee

Baby girl number two has a name: Amy Jubilee.

We both liked the name. I tried to think of other possible names, but I kept coming back to Amy. Nothing else sounded right. Every other name sounded forced and unnatural for her. I finally concluded that her name is meant to be Amy.

Letters for the nursery by Aunt Lydia

Jubilee was Zane's suggestion. We were trying to think of something like Love, which is Daisy's middle name. We like the meaning of the words "joy" and "grace" but didn't want to use them as names.

When Zane said, "Jubilee," I got teary and thought of what I have always understood jubilee to mean: a season of celebration, celebrating what God has done, not a feeling, but a long-term event. Over the years, I think it has also come to mean "joyful" and "celebration."

The Biblical meaning of "jubilee" is from the Old Testament. The year of jubilee was the 50th year after seven series of seven years. After a set of six years was a seventh, sabbath year. After seven sets of seven years (49 years) was the year of jubilee. In the 50th year, land was returned to its original owner and indentured servants returned to their free-born families. It's symbolic of the future redemption that would come when Jesus Christ set us free from the slavery that is sin and returned us to the family of God. The Biblical year of jubilee is a celebration of redemption, freedom, and atonement.

Scroll for the nursery from Aunt Angela

We gave Daisy a Bible verse to go with her name. I wanted to do the same for Amy, especially since I knew her aunt would be sending a scroll over from China. Amy means "beloved." She is very loved by us, but more than that she is beloved by God. I searched "beloved" in the Bible, and this verse stood out to me for her:

Deuteronomy 33:12, "Of Benjamin he said, ‘The beloved of the Lord dwells in safety. The High God surrounds him all day long and dwells between his shoulders.’”

I want Amy to dwell in the safety of the Lord, not in a hole somewhere, but out in the world, living her life to the fullest and glorifying God in the process. I want her to feel the protection of God dwelling between her shoulders wherever she goes.

So, there you have it: Amy Jubilee.

We plan to sing her Pure Prairie League's melody often.

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