Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Happy Mother's Day

Sunday was a really happy day for me. In the past Mother's Day was rough, as is the case with many women dealing with infertility. I think that Mother's Day will always be a day of mixed feelings, because I'm still aware of others' pain on that day - whether through loss, infertility, estrangement, or otherwise deferred hope. This year I have hope, which made the day much sweeter.

My coworker brought me flowers at work on Friday in honor of my first Mother's Day. That was a special surprise!

Still smiling at me on Tuesday morning.

Sunday was so pleasant. Zane gave me an incredibly sweet Mother's Day card before I even got out of bed. It made me cry. It was about being his wife and partner and sharing his dreams. It was really sweet.

Our church used to have a tradition of handing out roses to mothers. This year there were roses to take after the service if you wanted one, no ceremonies attached. I was kind of glad, since it seemed to isolate the non-moms (or maybe it was just me).

After the service Zane asked if I wanted a rose, and I said, "Oh, I don't know..." (not sure if I qualified). Our friend was standing there and insisted that I deserve one, so Zane grabbed one for me. Later I thanked him and said, "I really did want one but didn't want to say it." I tried to be all humble and unassuming, but it was nice to be included in the mom thing.

The sermon was on Ruth, specifically Naomi's journey through bitterness. I totally related. I wondered how different my reaction to the sermon would have been a year ago, when I might have said, "I know I'm bitter. I don't care!"

It's a good sermon. You should give it a listen if you have a chance.

The rest of the day was really low-key. We met up with Zane's family for dinner at Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney. Zane and I got there a little early and sat by a fountain to watch all the tourists.

Instagraming by the fountain.

After dinner we walked around. It was gorgeous weather: breezy, cool and not humid. We were privileged[?] to see this guy, who apparently is a local legend. He was decked-out in a similar yellow outfit when we saw him though. We felt mixed feelings of entertainment and awkwardness.

What else could you possibly wish for on a Mother's Day?
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