Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gaming Irony

Confession: I have low respect for video-gamers.

Worse Confession: Zane has gotten me into Zelda on the game cube...the doorway to becoming a gamer!!!!!

Growing up, my parents did not allow us to have video game systems. Our only access to video games was at grandma's house and friends' houses. Granddaddy had an original Nintendo, so we got pretty good at Tetris and Mario Bros. 3. The only friend that gave me enough playing time was my friend Bobbie, with whom I played Mario Kart on Nintendo 64.

My lack of exposure to video games gave me a hard heart toward those who love them. I scorned video games as a waste of time.


A couple weeks ago, Zane graciously let me have my own "account" on Zelda. He kindly instructed me how to use a game cube controller, and verbally led me through the Deku Tree. I killed all the bad guys and found all the treasures on my own.

Last night, I explored Hyrule field, met Zelda, killed some zombies, threw some chickens, and learned some songs for the Ocarina. Today, all I could think about was exploring Death Mountain. I'm afraid I have crossed over!

I'm getting good at using more than 2 buttons and a joystick instead of the 2-dimensional D-pad.

Yes, I think it's true. I'm becoming a gamer. But I will never play Madden.
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